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Competitive Exhibits

Think you have the tastiest chocolate chip cookies in town? Prettiest flowers? Best vegetable garden? Talented with a paint brush? Have a great eye?

There is something special and nostalgic about sharing your favorite recipe, an age-old woodworking skill, a beautiful tapestry, or a story captured in a photograph. Whatever your passion may be, share it with your community and have the chance to win those highly coveted Napa County Fair & Fireworks blue ribbons…or even, Best of Show!

**Read the department descriptions, then find the corresponding rules and entry information below.

Adult Competitions

Best of Show

Best of Show

2013 Color Photography: Amateur 

This is the perfect place to showcase your talent! Join us in demonstrating just how amazing hometown treasures are by entering your cookies, cakes, confections, canning, drawings, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, handcrafts, wearable art, home grown and small farm vegetables, fruits, and flowers, potted plants, needle arts, sewing, holiday crafts, black & white and color photographs, quilts, wall hangings, wine, and more.

Whether your a hobbyist or professional, simply pick the category that best fits your project.

Exclusively for Pre-K Through 12th Grade!

Youth Artwork: School and Club entries 
Entries in the Youth Department are judged using the Danish System, the process of comparing each exhibit on its own merit against the recognized standard, and awards as many firsts, seconds, etc. as merited. In other words, lots of awards, recognition, and ribbons!
Teachers can enter student project's by grade in the Classroom Projects divisions.

Teens and kids can enter projects made at home or school in the Individual Projects divisions.

Department Rules, Categories, and Important Dates

General Rules

The following steps and definitions will help you in completing your entries for the 2016 Napa County Fair & Fireworks.

Participants in the Napa County Fair & Fireworks must be residents of Napa, Solano, Sonoma, Lake, Marin or Mendocino counties.

All entries must be made online or in person. If you do not have Internet access or need assistance with your entries, please visit us Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm or call us at (707) 942-5111. We are here to help!

Include the title or description for each item. Be sure that your information is complete and accurate.
Refer to Department Categories for entry fee information. No entry fees for youth.

Registration for most departments will close on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, with the exception of Baking and Gardening & Farming which close on Wednesday, June 28, 2017.
Exhibits entered in a previous Napa County Fair are not eligible EXCEPT when specifically noted. (Potted plants may be entered more than one year).
Submission of entries implies acceptance of all conditions as stated in these rules.

All entries must be labeled with the name and phone number of the exhibitor and the Division and Class being entered. (See individual Departments for additional labeling requirements.)

Delivery dates:
Thursday, June 15 from 7-11 am OR 4-7 pm
Canning, Fine Arts, Fine Crafts, Home & Hobby, Photography, Quilts & Wall-hangings, Wine
Monday, July 3 from 7 am - 9 am
Baking, Gardening & Farming

Identifying exhibitor tags will be provided and installed when exhibits are received. Names are revealed after judging is completed. Any additional signs, courtesy or educational, must be approved by Fair Management.

Payment of Cash Awards (premiums):
The Fair will pay cash awards only on those classes specified and only the Judging Sheet will be the basis for the cash award payments. Ribbons and exhibitor tags have no value as to payment.

Checks covering awards in all classes will be promptly issued. All checks shall be made payable to the exhibitor in whose name the entry was made and void after 6 months from the date issued.

Although reasonable efforts will be undertaken to safeguard exhibitors’ property against loss, damage or theft, the County of Napa, the Napa County Fair and/or its contractors will not be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of exhibitors’ property brought on the premises during the period of the Napa County Fair & Fireworks. Every precaution will be taken in the handling and exhibiting of work; however, the exhibit must be picked up on Pickup Day. Exhibits not claimed one day after Pickup Day will be donated or discarded.

Fair Management has the authority to clarify this schedule for the proper conduct of the Fair, and exhibitors must in all cases conform. Accepted works shall NOT BE REMOVED from displays prior to the Pickup Day stated in these rules. Work must remain as displayed.

Fair Management reserves the right to cancel entries and cash and special awards and request the removal of exhibits from the Fairgrounds where exhibitors are disorderly,
endangering or disturbing the public and other exhibitors.

Pickup Day:
All items must be picked up Wednesday, July 5 from 10 am – 1 pm. Items will not be released without a claim check.


For participants ages 18 years & over
A person who engages in an event or activity as a pastime rather than as a profession.
Monies paid for winning entries (synonymous with Premiums).
A group of like exhibits that are judged together; a subcategory of a division.
A contest between two or more exhibits.
A generalized category of exhibits.
An object or collection of objects intended for exhibit. (Synonymous with Item)
An entry becomes an exhibit when it is shown or judged at Fair.
An on-line entry book, prize list, contest book, or other publication specifying rules and awards for Fair contests.

An object or collection of objects intended for exhibit. (Synonymous with Entry)
· American – The judging process to rank exhibits against one another and award one first placing, one second placing, etc.
· Danish – The judging process to compare each exhibit on its own merit against the recognized standard and award as many first, seconds, etc. as merited.
Monies paid for winning entries (synonymous with Cash Awards).
A person who engages in an event or activity as a profession rather than a hobby.
For participants ages 17 years & under; includes schools and other youth organizations.
Exhibitors who meet that organizations requirements for the project(s) they (FFA, 4-H,other youth org) enter. (Eligible through December 31, of the year in which they turn 19.)
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